The Rainbow is Hawaii-The Pot of Gold is Everybody Paddling in the Same Canoe!

What will the rest of the country think of Neil Abercrombie?s acceptance speech? With phrases like “we are family to each other” and “nothing can stop us from working together”, Abercrombie reminds us that it really is all for all because the reality is we are all One.
As for me, I’m moved by the emotional intelligence and candor, the focus on unity, the generosity and the heart on the sleeve Aloha that makes and proves that Hawaii is different. Like Abercrombie, I too hope that the sentiments and spirit extends to the rest of country…to the world ultimately. But baby steps. For now I?m thrilled to think our once backward state is ready to catch up and move forward by growing its own food, committing to education, and ending our dependence on imported oil by committing to sustainability. Aloha

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