I discovered something fun

I am a words person. No doubt about it. Words are my thing. But, lately I’ve been compelled to create collage covers for my journals, and even to add images to some of the pages.  The impulse to do this seems to have arisen spontaneously. But since starting, I discovered and got even more  inspired by many of the artists featured in, Art Journaling. This is a truly beautiful publication both inside and out. By that I mean the artists featured here are authentic and vulnerable as they are capable of making beauty out of the ordinary and in the midst of their every days lives. You can find it in the mag section of  your local bookstore or on line at Stampington.com.

In virtual reality another way of making personal artwork is digitally. Oprah’s Dream Board. digital dreaming, creating collages and poems to support your intentions is fun for a lark or when material art isn’t available. Have fun playing with this inspirational application. But don’t substitute  it for the real thing. Because it is the sensory experience of putting your hand to the page(s), tearing out and trimming the images, arranging and rearranging the images on the page, spreading the glue, coloring over and in and writing in your own quotes or words provides a kind of nourishment, a kind of heart connection, that can’t be replicated, even with the best digital application.

My latest creation

The image above is the cover of my latest “summer journal”.  Not being a visual artist, I’m keeping the process fun by using the materials I’ve got on hand: images and words torn from magazines, my daughter’s colored pencils, New Yorker pages, the copy function on the fax machine, and not worrying about the outcome. It’s a lot like the way I write- just putting my pen to the page and letting whatever needs to be said get said until I’m spent. I don’t worry about the spelling, punctuation, or whether it’s any good or not while I’m writing, because I know that those issues can be dealt with later. Learning this method of writing from Natalie Goldberg and the poet, Joan Logghe, many years ago when I lived in Santa Fe was a godsend. Before that the perfectionist/editor part of my brain kept interrupting the creative process by judging and editing whatever the poet part of me tried to write before it was even finished. Anyway I’m so happy with the process that I’ve decided to include it as a core Engaging the Senses Practice. This means creating a 5 or  6  page sensory journal (the 6h sense is associated with our intuition our pineal gland and our third eye) creating a page or journal cover for each of the six senses as a way to connect more deeply with the role that your senses play in the quality of your life.

About engagingly yours

Passionate Poet, Writer, Yoga Teacher, Realistic Idealist, Devotee, servant and Champion of Beauty, Lover of Life: visit me at Engagingthesenses.com
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4 Responses to I discovered something fun

  1. Very cool! Keep up the fun work.


  2. I love collages — just using whatever is found around you, scraps and trash, to make interesting and thought provoking art. Very cool


  3. Gwynneth Weiss says:

    Found this fascinating, intriguing. Perhaps I”ll give it a go!


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