Everyday Beauty saves my life everyday.

I heard the birds long before the first light made its way into the sky….

I really needed these forms of Beauty this 4:00 AM morning. Too much pain from herniated disc to sleep.

First Light Edging Cirrus
by Jane Hirshfield

1025 molecules
are enough
to call woodthrush or apple.

A hummingbird, fewer.
A wristwatch: 1024.

An alphabet’s molecules,
tasting of honey, iron, and salt,
cannot be counted—

as some strings, untouched,
sound when a near one is speaking.

As it was when love slipped inside us.
It looked out face to face in every direction.

Then it was inside the tree, the rock, the cloud.

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3 Responses to Everyday Beauty saves my life everyday.

  1. Gyana Choi says:

    I see beauty in the unfolding of an orchid petal. I feel beauty in moments of sensations of love…beauty wraps me in its tendor wings as I close my eyes and weep. Beauty has a way just like you with words…beauty is a gateway to the divine. Thank you….Gyana

  2. Wonderful, this is special!

    • Thank you so much for your comment. It came at a time when I was especially vulnerable. Knowing that I can touch someone and make a difference for the better is very good medicine. I love your blog and what you are trying to do with it….our aims are quite kindred. I wish you every form of beauty now and in the year ahead. Sabrina

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