Something to Sing About- Birdsong for iPhone 5!

Many posts ago I mentioned a favorite sensory resource, Birdsong Radio.  They stream live birdsong from the UK and also sell cd’s. Some of the money raised goes to advocate for birds and to protect their habitats. So now, just as many of you may be about to upgrade or get the new iPhone for the first time,  I wanted to let you know that Birdsong Radio now has an iphone app! This is an especially good resource for those of you living in apartments and urban areas.

I’ve been trying to embed some birdsong here it let you hear some birdsong to nourish your senses….but I don’t think I was successful. 🙁    You can still hear it though by visit ing their site and listening for yourself @

As I’m typing this, I can hear some birds singing through the windows. So, I’m going to sign off now, go out onto our tiny lanai, and just sit and breathe quietly for a few minutes and fill my heart with the beauty that is birdsong.   I hope you have a chance to do your own version of this soon.

Lots of Aloha, from my heart to yours,  Sabrina

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