Books will always be the new black.

I used to work at an independent bookstore on Canyon Road in Santa Fe! It was a dream come true. I do so hope we see more and more of these little gems in department stores and elsewhere in the seasons to come. Because books will always be the new black.

Barbara’s Bookstore, headquartered in Chicago, will be expanding  their presence in Macy’s nationally starting next year, according to PW. This summer 40 stores around the country have opened patterned after the Chicago State Street setup. These are modest 1600 sq. ft. operations that will provide a small book area, but nothing close to a full size bookstore like Border’s, cautions Barbara’s co-owner, Don Barliant.

Still, for those of us saddened by the closing of bookstores, any expansion can be a reason to celebrate. Or perhaps another reason to shop for shoes?

Shira S.

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