Haiku to Engage Your Senses and Awaken your Heart

Haiku for Engaging the Senses by Sabrina

Vog shrouds the sun
Why. Is Pele mad
A silly question?


Red Bougainvilla
All hot promise no perfume
Red earth roots me too.


Geckos sing all night
She mourns love gone too soon
The sun dries the sheets.


On the way to school
A red blossom plays hooky
My back pack slips off.


Just perfect to hold
The orange seed blossom
Old Tobiko jar.


Vog is hard to breath
Tastes like 100 year old eggs
I miss the trade winds.


Today it is hot and…

I wish I could wring
The air out like the blue sponge
Aircon is my god.


I hope you enjoy these little morsels, and that they have piqued your curiosity about the relationship between Haiku, the Senses and Appreciating the small, ordinary, Beautiful, moments of Being alive. So please come back tomorrow, and I will tell you more about all that -and how to try your hand at writing a few sense Haikus of your own.

Yours Truly,


About engagingly yours

Passionate Poet, Writer, Yoga Teacher, Realistic Idealist, Devotee, servant and Champion of Beauty, Lover of Life: visit me at Engagingthesenses.com
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4 Responses to Haiku to Engage Your Senses and Awaken your Heart

  1. Karma Tenzing Wangchuk says:

    good to see you working in this genre, so dear to my own heart. look forward to more.

  2. Gwynneth says:

    inspiring, tasteful, and touching

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