Before the Storm



The Hurricane

by William Carlos Williams


The tree lay down 

on the garage roof 

and stretched, You 

have your heaven, 

it said, go to it. 


The photo above was taken by the talented, writer, musician, photographer, all around Renaissance mensch, David Clemmer, of Santa Fe, New Mexico, a few quiet days before Sandy, while he visited his folks in Wisconsin.

The poem arrived in my mail box today from Image

They are a great resource. And even have a Poem-a-Day widget.  

Having just gotten safely through a Tsumani warning over the weekend. I feel all this is another reminder of the impermanence of life, and the importance of seeing, tasting, touching, smelling and hearing the beauty that is always available to us- here in “heaven’- whether it is the worst of times or the best, or both at the same time. Sending lots of light and prayers for safety to all of you wherever you may be, and especially to those family, friends, and readers effected by the storm.



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