Infinity in a Grain of Sand on Maui and Beyond…..

“Every grain of sand in the world is unique and beautiful when viewed through the microscope. If each grain of sand is so beautiful and unique, imagine how beautiful and unique each person is?”
Gary Greenberg

I first met artist, inventor, scientist, Dr. Gary Greenberg, after a talk he gave at the Maui Ocean Center a few year ago, when he graciously signed a copy of his book,Grains of Sand.

Filled with enthralling photographic images of the unexpected Beauty that are grains of sand as seen through his microscope, this book and his work overall which includes among other things, flower, the body, food, and even some 3D images (visit my Pinterest or Gary’s site to see more) is really something special.

A big TED (ideas worth sharing) fan, I am thrilled to find him featured there, and to share his talk with you. I hope your senses  are as engaged and enchanted as mine were.  As Gary himself notes, his work beautifully illustrates, Blake’s, famous quote. It also perfectly brings to mind the late, great Nobel winning poet, diplomat and philosopher, Octavio Paz who once said, to read a poem is to hear it with our eyes; to hear it is to see it with our ears,  and who asserted, that poetry with a capital ‘P’ is an experience of bliss, untity, or Samadhi. A fleeting glimpse into the true nature of reality- and is as likely to be found in nature, or in other ordinary, yet extraordinary, moments of life, as it is on the page within a poem.

I sat and watched the sun setting and rubbed my feet in the warm, moist, dark, sand.

Viva Poesa- Awakener of Hearts. Long may you live in all your grainy, glorious, glimmering, shimmering, shinning, sandy, flowering, forms!

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  2. Andrew says:

    The magic and the eternity of the natural world seem boundless. This subject and material really underscore the limitations of our unaided vision, a reminder that what we see is nothing more than that – our perception – that there must be something more important to us than what it does…for us..against us…without us.

  3. bethbob4592 says:

    Btw could you follow my blog? Thx xx

  4. Beautiful!!!!

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