A Dose of Cute…. To Touch, Engage, and Nourish Your Heart

“Touch has a memory.” John Keats

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So much thanks to The Daily Bunny for all the good works and touching photos! Check them out at Dailybunny.org

Each of our senses is associated with an area of the body.

The sense of touch is associated with the heart.

Looking at something that reminds you of how it feels to have an open, loving heart is one of the easiest ways to engage and nourish your Self and your sense of touch.

There is so much out there to see. And what we choose to look at really does matter. More than we may (consciously) realize. (To discover more about why this is true and what you can do about it click here later.)

New research by Semir Zeki, Professor of Neuroesthetics at University College London demonstrates that viewing a beautiful work of art creates the same chemical response as love.

So, let your(wise) heart do the choosing, and you’ll be in good hands. Now (in this too often hurried and harried holiday season), and in the year(s) ahead.

The sweet photo above took me back to when I was a very small girl and had a broken leg. Before I got my crutches, my mom had to push me in a wheel chair on the wintery streets of NYC. As we head down 3rd Ave, there on the dirty, glittering, icy sidewalk, I spotted some silvery coins (dimes and quarters, maybe a dollar in all) that had fallen from someone’s pocket. To my five-year old self, that was a lot of money, and finding it made me feel lucky! My mom picked them up for me and we went into Woolworths, where I bought 5 pieces of Bazooka bubble gum, which was my favorite kind!

Some of my ‘best’ (most touching, heart opening memories) are of being at home with my mom (before economics/fate forced her to have to work full time) as a little girl doing things like snuggling in the big bed she shared with my dad, and making up silly and naughty names for dolls-instead of Betsy Wetsy which I desperately wanted and don’t think I ever got- we invented Veronica Vomit.

What sorts of things touch your heart when you see them? I’d love to know.

Yours in Truth,
and bunnies,


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