Self Care through Creative Practice & Intention: Anchoring

Happy Monday to all you lovelies,
This is my first time posting from my new mini- a recent gift from my wonderful,generous, so very there for me mother! It is all very exciting…and freeing. Can now post and read other inspiring blogs from from almost anywhere- am posting from my pillow before sleep late Sunday night. Thus this share from “creativity in motion” and Gretchen Miller! I hope it inspires you to engage in something that nourishes your senses and feeds your soul.
With warmest Aloha,

creativity in motion

After some time away from working in my self-care art journal, I’ve worked on a couple of new pages:

As mentioned in my last post, I was inspired by Cherie Spehar‘s reminder at this year’s National Institute for Trauma in Loss in Children’s Assembly about anchoring– and its role in journaling & trauma informed practice. In Cherie’s workshop, she mindfully highlighted that the process of journaling in connection to inner thoughts, strong emotions, intense memories, and painful experiences can trigger overwhelming responses for trauma survivors.  Part of proceeding with emotional caution includes anchoring, which involves creating a mini safety plan (before starting to journal) about what the client can do or go to, to help re-establish safety and ground themselves to the here and now if needed.

This resource (Reconnecting to the Present-Anchoring PDF) provides a really good overview about the process, benefits, and tips about anchoring from

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  1. Many thanks Sabrina for the re-blog! Artfully, -gretchen


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