Dreaming is Free: Sight, Sound, and Soul Candy

starry night maui by RJBRAUN


The night turns on its invisible wheels….
in the sensual kitchen: kisses of longitude and lassitude.
By dark, bake stars,
stitch stories across 2 Americas.

Before maps and after maps,
such scales as the heart knows,
make a lucid measure,
carbon married to a complicated sugar,
tempered simple by passionate campsite.
Curl up and sleep, I’ll tend the silence, stir the coals.
Porque no? A watched dream simmers.

I’ll wear water and the fragrance of jonquils,
come to you, a journey of years and velvet decorum.
Charmed particles turn, miles apart
in the hands of the Divine.

I cannot stop the crazy joy in my breathing,
become lover to the verve of voluptuous lightening.
Let’s catch fire!
Everything tastes sudden, then slowly
again, good.

Judyth Hill

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