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I don’t usually post on Friday’s but one of my creative heroes award-winning filmmaker Louie Schwartzberg is sitting down with Oprah this Sunday and I wanted to make sure I shared the news early enough that you can plan to watch! He will discuss his experience working with time-lapse nature photography and the inherent spirituality revealed through nature, often not visible to the naked eye!  Like me, Louie is “a firm believer that beauty is nature’s tool for survival.” This Sunday he will be talking about how the awe that is experienced when seeing nature can make one more present, mindful and help us connect to our inner voice.”

You can tune in online:

The 11 a.m. hour will be live-streaming WORLDWIDE and everyone can watch at 11 a.m. ET/PT on http://Oprah.com/supersoulsunday or Facebook.com/supersoulsunday.


mixed media Hand Crafted Fiery Throated Hummingbird

Whilst most of Louie’s films are rooted in the beauty of the natural world, others like Gratitude reveal the beauty of the human experience. This wonderfully moving and inspirational short reminds us why “each day in our lives is a precious gift, and that experiencing the world through gratitude can open our hearts”. Check out the preview and if you like it and want to you can follow Louie LIVE on Twitter @LouieFilms and get a free HD download of the famous short film, Gratitude.

Preview. (Duration 6:09) – Digital Download

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