Tibetian Peach Pie, Malibu, and Tom Robbins: at Diesel a Bookstore- tonight!

Hello Again Lovely Reader!

It has been too long. I have missed reading your blogs and hearing from you. And I’ve missed writing!!

My healing journey has returned me to the City of Angels. Pacific Palisades to be precise.

All creative work was on hold due to the chaos of relocating! Structure seemed a distant memory and the primary focus was on setting up “camp” and receiving a series of sound wave treatments to stimulate the healing of white tissue and collagen and promote healing.

Yes Virginia, it is working!  I am really, truly be able to begin to have a ‘normal life’ again. To go out into the world and feast my senses on all the beauty it has to offer.

After so many years on an island in the sun in the middle of nowhere to now be within a few miles of two independent bookstores, and independent enough to go there albeit for limited periods, is heaven on earth! So too are the views from the promontory where the house we are staying in is located.

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A huge white eucalyptus frames one window. The santa monica mountains the next, and the Pacific ocean meets the blue skies to the West. Yesterday on the way to the doctor’s we spent an hour at LACMA taking in van Gogh, Mattise and Kandinsky’s vibrant canvases… soaking our senses in all the colorful goodness of the paintings, the beautiful architecture, and happy art lovers in their element.

Tonight I will drive the 6 miles to Malibu along the famed Pacific Coast Hiway to get to Diesel: a Bookstore where owner, Lynn, will be hosting a reading for the iconic novelist and counterculture hero, Tom Robbins- think Even Cowgirls Get the Blues and Jitterbug Perfume. I am almost too excited for words… so I will sign off for now and look forward to reporting back tomorrow and posting my personally signed copy of “Tibetian Peach Pie-A True Account of an Imaginative Life. 


Wishing you every beautiful thing,
Love Sabrina 



ps. To the wonderful person who gathered up their courage to comment on my blog, and tell me they wanted me to keep writing- Thank You! I can hardly express how much your words meant and mean to me. I am getting goose bumps just remembering….xoxo

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4 Responses to Tibetian Peach Pie, Malibu, and Tom Robbins: at Diesel a Bookstore- tonight!

  1. gailwendorf says:

    so you’ve made the journey to So. Calif. Well done!!! Love this blog, and I’m waiting to hear about the book reading! x

  2. dmstodder says:

    It is good to see your posts once again! Please keep them coming.

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