Engaging in the Art of Imperfection….

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The imperfections of a man, his frailties, his faults, are just as important as his virtues. You can’t separate them. They’re wedded. ~Henry Miller

Hello Beautiful Readers!

Our senses are our direct connection to the experience of Beauty. Since all experience is perception in order to touch, taste, see, smell and hear the Beauty that is all around us you don’t need to seek out perfection, you just need to change your perception….’that’s how the light gets in’.

Engagingly, imperfectly- perfectly yours….  xoxoxoSabrina

<p><a href=”http://vimeo.com/5859747″>Leonard Cohen – Anthem (live)

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Passionate Poet, Writer, Yoga Teacher, Realistic Idealist, Devotee, servant and Champion of Beauty, Lover of Life: visit me at Engagingthesenses.com
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