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Hello Lovelies,

It has been such a busy week..doctor’s appointments, mine, the kid’s and the bunny’s, deadlines, domestic duties, rehab, and recalcitrant help at home have made it just that little bit harder to engage my senses and nourish my soul..I never wanted to run away with the circus so I wonder how I ended up doing so much juggling….

Seriously though I was wondering if I would manage to post at all this week. Then I saw this poem from my friend and mentor Judith Hill and I knew I had to share it with all of you along with my new art journal cover. A long time ago when I still lived in Santa Fe I was privileged to learn from and occasionally perform alongside Santa Fe’s Poetry goddesses, Miriam Sagan, Joan Logghe (former Santa Fe poet laureate) and the redoubtable Judith Hill. These women somehow managed to “do it all”. To mother, work and write WELL. Now that I too am a mother I have even more respect and admiration for their achievements. What we shared then and now is a love of zen buddhism, writing and the belief that Poetry matters both on and off the page. Buen indeed!


Last Time at the Buen

Say coyote and mean surprise.

Say fallen petals and mean the way you look at me.

Say espinaca and mean the color leaves learn at birth.
Say doorway and mean a courtyard from memory.
Say chocolate and mean little Buddha in the mouth.
Say Febrero and mean first scent of sweet acacia on the wind.

When we are gone say lemon tree, say new buds, say palm fronds,
And mean that you loved it here.
Say maguey and mean thorny guardians of the heart.

Say mesquite and mean the rattle of later.
Say that twice and mean the rattle heard over long distances of night alone.
Say stars falling, and don’t mean that.
Say fish in the quiet pond and mean early rain.

Say starfish and I can’t tell you what that means.
Say cloud and mean a dream that wakes you.
Say glass table and mean the first step on a journey.
Say tamales and mean kalamata olives.
Say I will give you what I have brought and mean voice.
Say doorway again and see what it means.
Say look one more time and mean thank you.

Judyth Hill

Check out more of Judith’s poems, recipes, writing, editing and teaching schedule here



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