Inspiration Thursday: Come Fly with me to the Island of Kauai and Engage with Aloha.

Hello Lovely Reader,

This has been an exciting and unexpectedly busy week. I am putting the final polish on my promised “Talk Story” post. Please look for it this Monday. My daughter is getting ready to go on a Civil Rights tour on the South with her class.  So starting this Sunday I am going to have 5 days to solely Engage in solitude. I am very ready and have lots to bring together during this rare gift of time alone to engage my senses in creative self expression and care. Hmmm- Spell-check wanted to change ‘solely to holy’. Thank you Spell-check for reminding me that the time spent nourishing my senses and soul is sacred.Free to Engage the Senses

The attitude in which we engage with it is what makes time sacred- be it 6 days or 6 mins. Everyday this ‘holy which is the extra in ordinary is available. We can have it in bite size portable pieces- Thank Goddess! Lets face it- it isn’t too often that most of us get 5 days all to ourselves. My teacher, the great Yoga master, Krishnamacharya, said Yoga is about starting where and how you are.  Well Engaging the Senses is too!  So this morning when that midmorning wave of tired rolled in, I chose to spend six minutes practicing the Refreshing the Senses guided relaxation instead of pushing through and came out of it feeling grounded, peaceful and quietly energized. 

So this is a perfect example of that pragmatic and inclusive wisdom and of the way Engaging the Senses works with you and with where you are now. We almost always have 6 min minutes to devote to self care no matter how busy we are. And when we do engage our senses in that way the return is larger than the investment, and overtime and over time considerable profits build up! 

Until then I am leaving you with some Eye Candy in which to indulge you senses. So much thanks to the talented photographer and very special friend of Engaging the Senses, David Mathew, for their use.   Love and Hugs, Sabrina xoxox

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3 Responses to Inspiration Thursday: Come Fly with me to the Island of Kauai and Engage with Aloha.

  1. Karma Tenzing Wangchuk says:

    Thank you so much, Sabrina, for the MIND Candy. And for being You. <3 you!

  2. Gail says:

    well said!!! Your’s is the second blog from someone close to me who has blogged about this very subject – albeit different perspectives! I must need the gentle reminders! Thank you! x

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