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One of the things I adore doing is sharing treasures and ways to Be the Beauty you Love with Readers, friends, even the occasional ‘stranger’. I am always discovering engaging things that I want to crow about and this one is especially timely. Yoga-urt’s Organic Cafe ribbon cutting ceremony is today, in Glendale’s beautiful Kenneth Village 1407 W. Kenneth Road, Glendale, CA 91201.  The made with love, good for you creaminess is  hold your horses, gluten-free (cones), Vegan, Soy-Free, and Kosher. Mazel, as they say around these parts to creative cooking wonder, Meredith Klein, of Pranaful and dreamer and founder of Yoga-urt, Melissa Schulman.  It’s been a three year journey for the entertainment industry project manager, turned yoga teacher, turned small business owner. For Melissa, Yoga-urt is about community, love, and providing nourishment for people coming together to live healthier lives.

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Melissa was a smiling face providing generous tastes for all, and told us told us they had all but sold out on opening day.  And I know why!  This is really something special.. the purity of the products and flavors..made local with awareness rarely seen at the commercial level. This seriously delicious stuff really is the Yoga of yogurt.  We sat in the tiny back patio with its bright pink geraniums eating the creamy-luscious real peanut butter, deep chocolate, not too sweet strawberry, pure vanilla, and decadent salted caramel. So perfect for the hot summer days.  If you’re looking for authenticity this is worth getting off the beaten path and over to Glendale in the SFV, for sure! For the uninitiated that stands for San Fernando Valley. It’s not too far from Universal studios and Griffith Observatory so you could easily make a day of it.Talk about bringing your yoga off the mat…and into your tummy. Mmmmm

Another form of nourishment I’ve recently discovered and want to offer you a taste of  is the multi-talented writer/editor/journalist Sara Blackthorne ’s In-Her-Room. It’s a spirited, intelligent intimate podcast featuring meaningful conversation with women writers from around the world including my Photo Meditation teacher, Susannah Conway, and one of my very favorite, authors and self care pioneers, Jennifer Louden.  The Woman’s Comfort Book, her first and most famous book, is as relevant now as when first published. Do yourself a favor and check this book out. Jennifer is an inspirational figure for me  ( I am enrolled in Oasis, her free offering this summer. )

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In-Her-Room is an adventure in community-building and creative conversation. As a podcast, it allows for the freedom to go deep in exploring who we are as women, as writers, and as humans having an impact on the world. Being an audio experience, you can take it with you through your day — working out, running errands, taking kids to practice, cooking dinner — and listen when it works for you. Because as women with busy lives, finding a way to connect with our craft even when we aren’t writing is really important. You can listen in each episode post, on SoundCloudStitcher Radio and iTunes.

Wishing you every good thing and more,

Engagingly yours, Sabrina xoxo,<3<3<3


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