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Hello again Lovelies,

I’ve started work on my book again. It feels so00 good to be physically able to write and create and make! I am grateful for every moment that I am doing what I love. Writing is medicine for me, and not writing is akin to a diabetic not taking their insulin. It is ‘funny’ how what at first acts as an obstacle can turn out to be an opening…

Beauty really does come in all shapes and sizes, materials, mediums, and forms. From icicles to irises to ideas.  The power of a beautiful idea or ideas can be life changing.  Discovering Dr. John Sarno’s Mindbody Prescription got me thinking about what a beautiful thing it is to be able to accept, understand and forgive, and even bless what has been painful in our lives.  As the deeply empathetic writer and teacher,Mark Matousek, notes, “if you haven’t experienced wounding in dramatic ways from devastating loss or pain, you may think that there are those who are wounded — and then there is you.”

“The truth is we all have wounds. They are part of the human condition. And they can manifest in many ways — your insecurities, your limiting beliefs, your challenged relationships or issues with anxiety and depression. Not only do we all have wounds, but we also have aspects to our identities that are lived out in the shadow. And yet, these forbidden parts contain essential elements of our true nature. They hold wisdom, energy, creativity and power — and need to be brought into the light so we can be free and whole.” 

Healing builds over time through conscious attention to what is needed and Grace. Recovery is a verb, a process, and a puzzle. There is no one way, and spoiler alert, there is no magic wand.  I know, I know.  There isn’t any one amongst us who has not occasionally wished for the wand. Ok so no magic wand but..there is still magic. Beauty is ordinary magic. The fact that something so pleasurable is also so good for us!! Is in fact necessary for us to thrive, pretty much says it all.  That doesn’t always happen or I would be drinking thick vanilla malteds (my current craving) a lot more often.

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Speaking of Beauty. The next time you feel like seeing some of the world’s great Art collections you  can see some of the world’s masterpieces “up close and giga-pixeled” without needing to travel farther than your laptop, you might want to visit Google’s Project Art. The cultural institute’s expansive and ambitious virtual (global?) museum  of art.  I spent time yesterday in the peace and privacy of my own home absorbed in the beauty of Marc Chagall’s angels. Painted in 1963 for the ceiling of the paris opera house.

The gallery never closes so you can head here anytime your spirits or soul need a little pick me up.   Yes I’d rather be in Paris, sitting in a cafe in Montparnasse.  Until then, well a girl can dream, and still see Chagall’s Angels! The scope of the project can be overwhelming so to get you started  here are a few options: Modern Australian Art   The aforementioned Chagall panels. A wonderful collection from the National Gallery of Women’s Art, and one all about Love.

Wishing you all every good and Beautiful thing until we meet again!

Engagingly Yours,  xoxoxoSabrina

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