What I Like About You, and You, and You….

You R my SunshineHello my Lovely ‘Likers’,

The day my last post hit the ‘stands’ a number of you reached out right away to say you ‘liked’ what you saw. Ditto Beauties.  touched and excited to see so many ‘faces’ looking out at me from the postage stamp like Gravatar at the bottom of the page!

It is deeply gratifying to know that other people relate to my experience, and receive what I am offering.  Modern life is isolating by nature, without adding my recent hermetic circumstances to the mix.  Blogging brings me up close and personal and helps me to feel connected at best and at least, less isolated. Community is a human necessity and blogging is a wonderful way to find that, as you find yourself.  

We are all doing our best and that best varies from day to day based on the variables and vagaries of life. I don’t think there is one amongst us who wouldn’t benefit from a smile of encouragement.  ‘Liking’ something is like that smile. It is a way of connecting and of showing support all in one click. It is a kind of alliance that can lead to friendship.

I’ve had a few very special exchanges with other Bloggers over the years.  I’ve also read about Bloggers meeting up off the page.  I think that would be an interesting experience to say the least. I already love visiting you at your blogs where I am often inspired, and moved – so many of you are so courageous and creative!  Occasionally, I feel a twinge of jealousy. Those of you without children hanging out in cafes in Paris know who you are. Mostly I am grateful for the sense of community I have experienced here on WordPress where in the midst of all the corporate and chain store blogs, people are finding themselves and supporting each other in and through  creative expression.  And so I just wanted to be sure I told you so, because life is to short precious and precarious not to say what you mean or mean what you say!

Oh course Art is for its own sake… I love the process and all that, life is a journey I never worry stuff.  Still, at the end of a post, when I hit the publish button, I want to know that you are there on the other side to pick up the receiver.  Writers need readers like malteds need straws. And we all need (and want) to be seen and heard.  When I studied at Naropa (the famed Boulder based Jack Keroac School of Disembodied Poetry), they taught us to see whilst simultaneously allowing ourselves to be seen as we read or performed as a means to authentic presence. At the grassroots level, this whole blogging thing is like that experience of revelation and recognition.

In-between the markers of race, religion, nation states, genders, borders, boundaries, beliefs and territories there is an inlet. An oasis where time throws off the cloak of its disguise, and disappears into the tide of Love beckoning always at the shores of our longing. Drawing us back into ourselves, whole and imperfect as pearls.  I’ll meet you there.


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Passionate Poet, Writer, Yoga Teacher, Realistic Idealist, Devotee, servant and Champion of Beauty, Lover of Life: visit me at Engagingthesenses.com
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  1. Karma Tenzing Wangchuk says:

    Well, I TRIED to be the first to “Like” this, Sabrina, but wasn’t allowed (not a WordPress member, I guess). But I DO like.

    September sun–
    the words of an old friend
    come shining

    Love, Tenzing

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