Moon Magic 2018 and Beyond

Full Moon Magic

The full moon is a perfect time to move ahead with wishes you made when the moon was new. Creative juices are stirred now as the power of the moon makes itself felt.

Hello Lovelies,

Happy 2018!!! Time to Celebrate the Return of the Light, which began on Dec 21st with the winter Solstice and has been building ever since. Yes, much of the country is deep in snow and the temperature outside is cold however deep down we know the worst is over. The best is yet to come. That’s what matters – along with now. No time like the present to Engage and feed your intuition and your senses through appreciating and wishing on the full moon.  By paying attention to and Staying in tune with the cycles of the moon we open a gate to our own deeply held hopes, dreams and needs! 

Simple practices like this one connect us to ourselves and to the Mystery and this helps to ground and place us in the whirling swirling storms of life.

You can make this practice as simple or sumptuous as you please.
If the latter sounds engaging try writing your wishes on a piece of beautiful paper that you have scented with your favorite essential oil (I love lavender and ylang-ylang).
Be sure to use a pen that feels good in your hand and add some color by using purple, blue or green ink.
Then go outside and spend a few minutes breathing in silence and gazing (keep your eyes soft) at the full moon as you reflect on your wishes and drink in the power and beauty of the silvery moon. 



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1 Response to Moon Magic 2018 and Beyond

  1. Karma Tenzing Wangchuk says:

    happy new year, old friend.

    Guess we’re on a similar “page.” Last night I started this poem, finished it today.

    Hope you enjoy it. And the full moon. and the 2nd full moon, to come later this month.

    To the New Year’s First Full Moon
    For Tom Clausen

    Alone, content to be myself,
    More derelict than drifting boat.

    Most of my life is behind me.
    What’s ahead can’t be counted on.

    Still, with paper, pen, and bottle,
    What more could an old poet want?

    The moon rises over the bay.
    I lift my glass to you, dear friend.

    Love, Tenzing

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