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I couldn’t wait any longer to write. I kept thinking i would wait until things settled down after the shootings, and the fire’s and the firing on of children and mothers at the southern border and my friend’s chemo and the first anniversary of my daughter’s father’s death and Thanksgiving which always makes me long for my parents born 4 days apart Dec 26th and Dec 1st, but I finally realized that if I waited until things settled down again it might be several years…. So here I am on what in my deck of the woods is a windy crisp cold bright day with hawks soaring in the pale blue sky along with occasional small plane on its way to Burbank. Speaking of being in the Valley and why I couldn’t wait any longer to write is that I have good things to share with you. Starting with our recent visit to the Iliad Bookshop in North Hollywood after a delicious breakfast at Bea Bea’s in Toluca Lake.

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I am in love with the house coffee

House Latte with honey and cinnamon. So more-ish
House Latte with cinnamon and honey. So yummy

which is made with local honey and cinnamon and highly reccomend the pancakes. So light and yummy. vegan pancakes light and fruity

I am also in love with Iliad- one of the coolest bookshops in town all up according to yours truly, as well as numerous other edified sources. Get you fill of almost everything arty here from graphic novels to art and poetry and cooking books, not to mention fiction, film and rock roll. They are featured in numerous movies, short films, and television shows, and are happy to answer any questions you have on buying or selling books. They are also, as far as I know, the only bookstore to have a mural and to be named after an epic poem!The mural (which extends down two sides of Iliad) includes not just literary scenes, but the portraits of more than 50 authors (and musicians who have been the subject of various books) and was painted by the seriously skilled artist Paul Dilworth. You can check out the gallery below for a key to who’s who and have fun take finding your favorites when you visit in person!

Personally I like that they have easy parking, a friendly helpful staff, good prices, couches, music, water, 150,000 books, and welcome visiting dogs on leashes. Sweet!



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