“Harvesting Magic out of Chaos”

I recently read an essay from MysticMama.com that was exactly what I needed to hear and to have articulated. Like every one of you I’ve been wondering if things are past the point of return, and what to do while we figure it out it. Riding in the waves of change that are sweeping through our souls and our societies means choosing equanimity over fear. This is, like it or not, what is happening. Fear weakens our system at the very moment we need our strength. Precautions should include taking time everyday to Presence your whole body and mind with breath and light.

Listen to beautiful music and to the birds sing. Chant and dance. Read favorite poems. Tap. If you can, go outside at night to see the stars and the moon, to breathe the crisp dark night air and give thanks. Thanks for your safety and the safety of those you love; for the good life that you have right now. In the midst of chaos you are cultivating calm and inviting Beauty into your heart and mind.

Now is the time to unwind into the goodness of being alive -the simplest things like hot showers, soft sheets, and a warm cozy bed, the love of and for a partner, a child, a pet. These are all small joys in themselves, independent of pandemonium, and all the more important now, as we let go of life as we knew it and discover what lies ahead with love in our hearts and courage in our souls. As my mother said, this too shall pass and the best is yet to come.  

Namaste to you, each & every One.
One love. One heart.
May all beings be at Peace. xo* Sabrina Louise

What a journey we are on! 

There is so much stirring our planetary awakening for healing and change.

More and more through peak experiences of collective crisis, we are being awakened to our interdependence as a planetary family.

The Sabian symbols for this Moon speak of us coming together in cooperative effort as we “venture in faith meeting some challenge” and leave the past behind to cooperate in an “adventure in consciousness.”

Our collective cultural agreements and the dominant dogma of “what Reality is” are crumbling day by day.  There’s a crack in the firmament and the Light is shinning through. 

There are new sprouts bursting through the cement, reaching for the Sun and ready to turn our world green again. We are these sprouts!

We must water the Holy Seeds within. Great change is seeded by conscious dreamers.

We have healing light inside us. We have the ability to bring healing to ourselves and nourish and feed our Souls with the pure manna of Creation.

It is a free resource available to each and everyone of us directly from Source.

As the tides continue to ebb and flow, the landscape will continue to change. We are about to enter a new cycle of momentum where the trajectory of our lives could be taking a turn.

The key with all of this is to really anchor into our Soul’s wisdom.

These changes are propelling us to step up into our Higher Knowing, to trust the wisdom inside us that guides us on each of our Soul’s unique and evolutionary journey.

We might find ourselves grasping, trying to make sense of it all, but as truth rises to the surface, as new realities emerge from the Dreamtime, we are encouraged to surrender to the flow of Life moving through us.

We are on the edge of time, and our Soul is wanting us to experience embodiment in a way that we have not previously experienced.

Like Mark Borax says right now, “we must harvest magic out of chaos.”

Blessed FULL MOON!

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  1. Karma Tenzing Wangchuk says:

    Thanks for this, Sabrina. A Buddhist prayer, “The Four Immeasureables,” that I find helpful, goes:

    May all beings have happiness and the causes of Happiness.
    May they be free of suffering and the causes of suffering.
    May they never be separated from the supreme happiness which is free of all suffering.
    May they abide in the great equanimity, free of attachment to close ones and rejection of others.

    Best Always, Tenzing

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