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This blog is a place to come when you are seeking nourishment that uplifts your spirit and awakens your soul to Beauty in all Her many forms. 

Engaging the Senses is about the power of Beauty and about learning to smell, taste, see, touch and hear your way to a happier, more beautiful life.

I’ll be endeavoring to add new content on a weekly basis, so please stop by often, and let me know what you think and how you are engaging your senses.

About Me: My name is Sabrina Louise, I am a poet and writer, as well as a certified Phoenix Rising Yoga and Mindfulness meditation teacher, and mother. I live on the beautiful Hawaiian islands where it is easy to see Beauty everyday. But I also know what it is like to live in city-Melbourne, Australia, where a conscious effort is needed to stay in touch with Beauty in the forms of the natural world.  In fact, it was that experience that gave birth to the practices of Engaging the Senses.
 In truth and beauty,


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  1. Lady J says:

    Hi Sabrina,

    Thank you for liking my Lady J bio page on Cardinal Fire. You have an interesting page/blog too.
    Blessings and Luck. ♡♡♡

  2. Thanks for following my blog! I hope if you can find the time that you will stop by my page called “Reasons to Smile” and leave a comment. It’s a list of things people are thankful for, just to encourage each other. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

  3. Hi there, you have a great blog so I’ve nominated you for a Liebster award! 🙂 http://shewasadaytripper.co.uk/2014/01/24/liebster-award-me/

    • Thank you my dear what a surprise. I feel the same way about your blog! I will endeavor to receive this lovely award following your instructions…..Just curious how do you get the actual virtual award to post on your site?

  4. Rose says:

    ~ Ciao and Aloha Sabrina ~

    You and I have so much in common! Same tastes for beauty and appreciation of life. Even the same 3 astrological signs, but in a different order from each other. What luck that we found each other! 😉 Namaste sista!

  5. Jacqueline Cardenas says:

    Your collages are beautiful. I want to learn to do this. Your work reminds me of another artists whose work I have a huge crush on: Melody Ross of Brave Girls Club. You two might be kindred spirits. : )

  6. Hi Sabrina,
    Thank you for your message on my blog – looks like we have some good overlaps of interests! Will be certainly following you back!
    good wishes

  7. Elizabeth says:

    Thank you so much for bringing this wisdom to us! What a gift and blessing. I look forward to following your amazing creative, spiritual and intellectual journey and incorporating it in my life to be a better person. Much love, your god-sister Elizabeth

  8. Thank you – I was looking for new blogs to follow and yours really caught my eye. “Engaging the Senses” – I love it. I think there is so much beauty to be experienced from even the most simple of things, be it a snack, a passing smell on the streets, or even just a view out of a train window. I feel a real sense of warmth from this blog and look forward to reading future posts. I envy you having a home in Hawaii!

    Sophie x

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