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Engaging with Thanks….

  Hello Lovely Readers, As the holidays grow closer it can be harder to stay engaged and remember to be the Beauty you are and Love. To this end I offer a photo of the rose on my writing desk … Continue reading

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Yum, Yam, Yummy.

Aloha beautiful reader, Each of our six primary senses (intuition, hearing, sight, smell, touch, taste) is associated with one of our body’s energy centers as well as with a specific color, musical note, essential oil and seed sound (mantra).  All … Continue reading

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And I thought I was just eccentric? Oh, & here is the photo of the pear shaped leaf.

So while we are still on the subject of engaging your senses in your home environment…. Not so keen on the antler coat rack. Love the butterflies, and of course the vintage typewriter… and I’m coveting some air-plants (gosh the … Continue reading

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