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Happy Father’s Day 2019

I made this for my father when he was very ill but still well enough to take solace from having it next to his bed. He died in 2012 and hardly a week goes past without thinking of him. Continue reading

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Mother’s Day inspiration

  “There is no substitute for the intimacy of a handwritten note, no gift as singular as words carefully considered and chosen.” Have you chosen your Mother’s Day card(s) yet? Think you might want to do something a little more … Continue reading

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***Hello Sunshines*** Welcome to some hard-earned Luck ****part one

Hello again! Lovely Readers, Susannah Conway is a wonderfully soulful, sensual, photographer, journalist, teacher and creative blogger!  Unlike dry step by step guides for idiots and others, her ecourse, Blogging from the Heart is full of achievable, aesthetically pleasing, enjoyable, useful, prompts, tools, and … Continue reading

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Obsession, suicide, virginity, alcoholism, deception and promiscuity, not necessarily in that order

“it’s not that ‘literary” fiction’, and their cousin ‘literary film’ can’t be an escape, a highly enjoyable one, it is that they offer so much more than that because the story doesn’t depend on a formula. They are organic and sometimes messy … Continue reading

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Baby Steps and Bird Song

“It is very hard to be brave,” said Piglet, sniffing slightly, “when you’re only a Very Small Animal.” Aloha Lovely Readers, Recently I have felt a lot like Piglet. Things have been hard. Harder than hard. A setback. Yes another … Continue reading

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Go in the direction of your dreams, trust that things happen when they are supposed to and remember….

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iphone Faulkner

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And I thought I was just eccentric? Oh, & here is the photo of the pear shaped leaf.

So while we are still on the subject of engaging your senses in your home environment…. Not so keen on the antler coat rack. Love the butterflies, and of course the vintage typewriter… and I’m coveting some air-plants (gosh the … Continue reading

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Bunny Kisses and the Power of Touch

“Touch is a much more sophisticated system than we ever realized.It effects our health on many levels. And it doesn’t have to come from another person.” Dr. Matthew J. Hertenstein, DePauw University.

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Going Direct: Knowing Beauty for Your Wonder-Full Self

Your attention is an extremely powerful and valuable tool. One corporations, telemarketers, and others who want your money spend a lot of time and money of their own trying to capture. They do this by storming your senses with images, … Continue reading

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