If you knew you were going to…

Autumn Sunrise

Hello hello Beautiful,

This poem wrote itself last week after I finished making my daughter a smoothie to have for breakfast on her way to school, and was still able to bake a batch muffins just for the pleasure of baking- just because I wanted to- for the first time in more than 3 years!

If you knew…

after Ellen Bass

Today I am celebrating

not only did I wake up feeling

well, I was treated to a sunrise

sky of ballet-slipper-pink

ribbon clouds, from the kitchen window

Today I am celebrating without ceremony

making my daughter

a blueberry smoothie,

the earth that grew them

the blender that blends it

the means to buy them

and that I have

every thing I need, almost,

and much of what I want

which brings me back to breakfast

Today I am celebrating

making my daughter

a blueberry smoothie,

with a heart full of ballet

ribbon pink clouds

and a mind full of sky,

even though she is grown

and doesn’t need

me to feed her anymore,

this isn’t the point and never will be

You have to stand in the shoes

of another before you know, really

know what they have suffered,

and so trust me

when I tell you I didn’t know

if I would be able to,

stand that is,

such a simple thing..

any two year old can do it,

Today I am celebrating

my daughter

and this blueberry smoothie,

the strength to make it

and the maker

that gives me to myself.

-Sabrina Coryell 2015

Mind you it was only an add water to cornbread mix which I spiked with real vanilla extract, and a cupful of frozen organic berries. And mind you, I did need to sit down while I mixed till the lumps disappeared. But instead of letting that hinder me by wishing it were other, I used it as an opportunity to mix mindfully, and really be one with the good upper arm firming simple pleasure of mixing mud pies, I mean making muffins.

Happiness is a warm muffin

Happiness is a warm muffin

How long since I was strong enough on my feet to let the experience of mixing something be just that, and nothing more… How long has it been since I remembered how much I loved making mud pies in the sandbox…the touch and color of the grainy grimy pebbly sand, the sound of the ice-cream truck bells, the satisfaction of sliding the red pail from the molded whole pie. One of the nicer things about the senses is their connection to memory.  How they can remind us of other things, and can even be utilized to help those with severe depression feel better. The only thing that would make this a little sweeter would be if you could pop over for muffins, tea and some good company.

Engagingly yours,  Sabrina xoxo

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Being and Breathing Peace

Hello Beauties, 

Happy International Day of Peace! When I was a little girl one of the songs we learned at school went like this..

Let there be peace on earth
And let it begin with me.
Let there be peace on earth
The peace that was meant to be.
With God as our father
Brothers all are we.
Let me walk with my brother
In perfect harmony.

Let peace begin with me
Let this be the moment now.
With every step i take
Let this be my solemn vow.
To take each moment
And live each moment
With peace eternally.
Let ther be peace on earth,
And let it begin with me.

I can still remember holding hands with the other kidlets as the pale winter sunlight shone through the brownstone’s dirty single pane windows, and feeling a sense of belonging and happiness as we sang .  Gender and personal pronouns aside, I still get chills if I let myself really feel the meaning of the song’s words.
So on this first day of Autumn, I invite you to aside five minutes just for you to totally relax and tune into that place of peace we all hold within our hearts.  If you don’t visit it often you may have forgotten how to find it. Just do the best you can. Part of being peace is being ok with yourself and your life just as it is,  in all its messy, inconsistent, beautiful, sticky, shininess. Because news flash, the part of you that needs and wants to grow, blossom and be known doesn’t respond well to threats, and or name calling. So today, please get acquainted or re-acquainted with your essential enoughness, and goodness. liveinlove And tomorrow, or the next day, meet me here again. I’ll be sharing one of my favorite Engaging Peace Practices!
I am going to end this post with a poem Jennifer Louden read last week called

The Myth of Epiphanies by Samantha Reynolds

The myth is that epiphanies roar
when in fact they are more
like bubbles in mud
a whisper
a gurgle
a hunch
everything is small
when it is born
and so it is
that so often
they are buried
as so many small
things are
so you ask
the wise ones
how do you feed them
and they tell you
to jump
so you do
not knowing
if you are falling
or flying
because at first
they are
the same.

Engagingly Yours,    


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Engaging in Inner Peace

world peaceJoin the Evolution and thousands of people this weekend leading up to September 21st’s  International Day of Peace!

BeThePeace invites people from every culture, every spiritual tradition, and every political perspective to join Together as One. Together, we are creating a world where inner and outer Peace is the normal way of life. Together, we are creating history. Join us! It’s time to Be The Peace we want to see in our world!

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Please Call Me By My True Names and open the door to your heart!

Today you may want to give yourself the gift of this poem…

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Hear Candy: a poem to engage your senses and get you going.

A poem to engage your senses and get your week going by the incomparable Rives!

If I controlled the Internet
You could auction your broken heart on eBay
Take the money, go to Amazon
Buy a phonebook for a country you’ve never been too
Call folks at random till you find somebody that flirts really well in a foreign language.

If I were in charge of the Internet you could mapquest your lover’s mood swings
Hang left at cranky, right at preoccupied, u-turn on silent treatment
all the way back to Tongue Kissing and Good Loving.
You could navigate and understand every emotional intersection.

Some days I’m as shallow as a baking pan
but i still stretch miles in all directions
If I Owned The Internet
Monster and
Friendster dot com
would be one big website.

That way you could listen to cool music while you pretend to look for a job and you’re really just chatting with your pals! heck,
If I ran the web — you could email dead people.

They would not email you back.

but you’d get an automated reply.
their name in your inbox, that’s all you wanted anyway
and a message saying, hey it’s me…
I MISS YOU. Listen you’ll see being dead is, dandy
now you go back to raising kids and waging peace and craving, candy.

If I designed the internet, Childhood.com would be a loop. of a boy. in an orchard.
With a ski-pole for a sword, trashcan lid for a shield shouting
now follow me ok?
Grandma dot com would be a recipe for biscuits and spit bath instructions (1, 2, 3)
that links with…
Hot Diggity Dog dot com that is my grandfather
they take you to
Gruff ex-cop on his forth marriage dot dad
he forms an attachment to
Kinda ditzy but still sends gingersnaps for christmas dot mom
who downloads
The Boy In The Orchard
The Emperor of Oranges
who grows up to be
the guy who usually goes too far
so if I were Emperor of the Internet, I guess I’d still be mortal huh?

But at that point, I would probably already have the lowest possible mortgage
and the most enlarged possible penis
so, I would Outlaw spam on my first day in office,
I wouldn’t need it!
I’d be like some kind of Internet Genius.
and me? I’d like to upgrade, to deity and maybe just like that.

I’d go wireless.
ehhh? Maybe GOOGLE would hire this
i could zip through your servers and firewalls like a virus
until the world wide web is as wise as wild and as organized
as I think a modern day miracle slash oracle can get, but
ohhhew weeeeee, you wanna bet
just how wack and un-PC your Mac or PC’s gonna be when I’m rocking hot shit hot shot GOD dot net

I guess it’s just like life. It is not a question of IF you can, it’s do ya…
We can interfere with the Interface
We can make you’ve got hallelujah the national anthem of cyberspace.
Every lucky time we log on.

You don’t say a prayer,
You don’t write a psalm,
You don’t chant an ommmmmmm
You send one blessed email

Whoever you’re thinking of
daddle a da da daa daa didaddle-la-daddle-la-daddle-la-da daddle da
dot com.


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What I Like About You, and You, and You….

You R my SunshineHello my Lovely ‘Likers’,

The day my last post hit the ‘stands’ a number of you reached out right away to say you ‘liked’ what you saw. Ditto Beauties.  touched and excited to see so many ‘faces’ looking out at me from the postage stamp like Gravatar at the bottom of the page!

It is deeply gratifying to know that other people relate to my experience, and receive what I am offering.  Modern life is isolating by nature, without adding my recent hermetic circumstances to the mix.  Blogging brings me up close and personal and helps me to feel connected at best and at least, less isolated. Community is a human necessity and blogging is a wonderful way to find that, as you find yourself.  

We are all doing our best and that best varies from day to day based on the variables and vagaries of life. I don’t think there is one amongst us who wouldn’t benefit from a smile of encouragement.  ‘Liking’ something is like that smile. It is a way of connecting and of showing support all in one click. It is a kind of alliance that can lead to friendship.

I’ve had a few very special exchanges with other Bloggers over the years.  I’ve also read about Bloggers meeting up off the page.  I think that would be an interesting experience to say the least. I already love visiting you at your blogs where I am often inspired, and moved – so many of you are so courageous and creative!  Occasionally, I feel a twinge of jealousy. Those of you without children hanging out in cafes in Paris know who you are. Mostly I am grateful for the sense of community I have experienced here on WordPress where in the midst of all the corporate and chain store blogs, people are finding themselves and supporting each other in and through  creative expression.  And so I just wanted to be sure I told you so, because life is to short precious and precarious not to say what you mean or mean what you say!

Oh course Art is for its own sake… I love the process and all that, life is a journey I never worry stuff.  Still, at the end of a post, when I hit the publish button, I want to know that you are there on the other side to pick up the receiver.  Writers need readers like malteds need straws. And we all need (and want) to be seen and heard.  When I studied at Naropa (the famed Boulder based Jack Keroac School of Disembodied Poetry), they taught us to see whilst simultaneously allowing ourselves to be seen as we read or performed as a means to authentic presence. At the grassroots level, this whole blogging thing is like that experience of revelation and recognition.

In-between the markers of race, religion, nation states, genders, borders, boundaries, beliefs and territories there is an inlet. An oasis where time throws off the cloak of its disguise, and disappears into the tide of Love beckoning always at the shores of our longing. Drawing us back into ourselves, whole and imperfect as pearls.  I’ll meet you there.


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All Shapes and Sizes

creatinginspiration every day

Hello again Lovelies,

I’ve started work on my book again. It feels so00 good to be physically able to write and create and make! I am grateful for every moment that I am doing what I love. Writing is medicine for me, and not writing is akin to a diabetic not taking their insulin. It is ‘funny’ how what at first acts as an obstacle can turn out to be an opening…

Beauty really does come in all shapes and sizes, materials, mediums, and forms. From icicles to irises to ideas.  The power of a beautiful idea or ideas can be life changing.  Discovering Dr. John Sarno’s Mindbody Prescription got me thinking about what a beautiful thing it is to be able to accept, understand and forgive, and even bless what has been painful in our lives.  As the deeply empathetic writer and teacher,Mark Matousek, notes, “if you haven’t experienced wounding in dramatic ways from devastating loss or pain, you may think that there are those who are wounded — and then there is you.”

“The truth is we all have wounds. They are part of the human condition. And they can manifest in many ways — your insecurities, your limiting beliefs, your challenged relationships or issues with anxiety and depression. Not only do we all have wounds, but we also have aspects to our identities that are lived out in the shadow. And yet, these forbidden parts contain essential elements of our true nature. They hold wisdom, energy, creativity and power — and need to be brought into the light so we can be free and whole.” 

Healing builds over time through conscious attention to what is needed and Grace. Recovery is a verb, a process, and a puzzle. There is no one way, and spoiler alert, there is no magic wand.  I know, I know.  There isn’t any one amongst us who has not occasionally wished for the wand. Ok so no magic wand but..there is still magic. Beauty is ordinary magic. The fact that something so pleasurable is also so good for us!! Is in fact necessary for us to thrive, pretty much says it all.  That doesn’t always happen or I would be drinking thick vanilla malteds (my current craving) a lot more often.

Embed from Getty Images

Speaking of Beauty. The next time you feel like seeing some of the world’s great Art collections you  can see some of the world’s masterpieces “up close and giga-pixeled” without needing to travel farther than your laptop, you might want to visit Google’s Project Art. The cultural institute’s expansive and ambitious virtual (global?) museum  of art.  I spent time yesterday in the peace and privacy of my own home absorbed in the beauty of Marc Chagall’s angels. Painted in 1963 for the ceiling of the paris opera house.

The gallery never closes so you can head here anytime your spirits or soul need a little pick me up.   Yes I’d rather be in Paris, sitting in a cafe in Montparnasse.  Until then, well a girl can dream, and still see Chagall’s Angels! The scope of the project can be overwhelming so to get you started  here are a few options: Modern Australian Art   The aforementioned Chagall panels. A wonderful collection from the National Gallery of Women’s Art, and one all about Love.

Wishing you all every good and Beautiful thing until we meet again!

Engagingly Yours,  xoxoxoSabrina

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Sense the Possibility of Being Happy for no Reason and Feel your Heart Expand

hummingbird with blake quote

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This is what I’ll be making this week with the stone fruit from my Goodlife Organics Farm Box! Yummmm!

Grace Parisi


The more my mother’s cooking becomes a distant memory, the more I long for a familiar taste—one that shuttles me at light speed back to her warm kitchen and a pot of something-or-other bubbling away in the oven. Nothing does that for me in the summer quite like her fruit crisps.  She would use peaches, nectarines or even plums, throw in a handful of blueberries or raspberries and then top it with an oat-y crumble.

Using perfectly ripe summer peaches was a bit tricky for her. The fruit—super juicy—was often a little loose making the crisp topping a little soggy. But I loved it nonetheless.  Vanilla ice cream melted under heat of the juices, blending into a creamy, fruity soup. And the topping was like a soft-baked oatmeal cookie. No complaints, honestly.

Yet, secretly, I wanted a crisper crisp. That chef’s trick of cooking the filling and topping separately always…

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Now this is a good way to “waste time”

Hello Beautiful,

How is the weekend going. If it is all work and no play, or if you’re feeling creatively stagnant, this post is for you!

What a fun way to breakthrough "writer's block".

What a fun way to breakthrough “writer’s block”.

OK so it’s supposed to be for kids. No kids, no problem because we all have a little kid within. Usually this part of us goes neglected. The ratio is the more your true needs were neglected as a kid, the more you tend to neglect your own inner little kid’s needs now.

Word Mover allows children, teens, and adults to create “found poetry” by choosing from word banks and existing famous works; additionally, users can add new words to create a piece of poetry by moving/manipulating the text.


  • 6 poem categories, each with the ability to personalize
  • 12 backgrounds for stylizing poems
  • Helpful instructions available throughout app
  • Viewing of finished poem for proofreading
  • Ability to save poem as draft or final version
  • Ability to print poem
  • Ability to send poem by e-mail
"What a fun way to breakthrough writer's block."

“What a fun way to breakthrough writer’s block.”

My theory is that the ailments that end up as pain in the necks, shoulders and arms (carpal tunnel, frozen shoulder, tendonitis, bursitis, etc) are in part our inner kid’s metaphorically tugging at our sleeves, saying, Let’s play!

So the next time you notice pain tugging at your sleeve you might try gently shaking them out and wiggling your fingers…then turn on some music that makes you feel good and want to move and let your body, not your mind, lead!   Allow your arms and legs to make spontaneous even foolish looking movements.

Then take turns letting other parts of your body lead..

your head, your head,  your hara-  the region of the solar plexus or abdomen, believed to be the spiritual center of the soul and the body’s life-processes.

What does it feel like to move from these parts of yourself. Which feels best or most needed at this time?

Save the last dance for your arms and hands let them clap and snap and twirl to your heart’s content.

See you next week!  Engagingly yours,

Sabrina xoxox

To find our more, including links to the Wordmover App,   go to http://www.readwritethink.org. via Word Mover – ReadWriteThink.


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▶ Inspiration Thursday: Don’t Let Fear Steal Your Beauty!

This being human is a guest house.
Every morning a new arrival. 
A joy, a depression, a meanness, 
Some momentary awareness comes 
as an unexpected visitor.
Welcome and entertain them all!…
The dark thought, the shame, the malice, 
meet them at the door laughing, 
and invite them in.
Be grateful for whoever comes, 
because each has been sent 
as a guide from beyond. 

via ▶ Attend and Befriend – Healing the Fear Body – Tara Brach – YouTube.a

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