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Satine Bunny stops to smell.. I mean eat the flowers.


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Believe you can and you are half way there!

http://i.giphy.com/EbJjZIbIaSdUc.gif http://i.giphy.com/EbJjZIbIaSdUc.gif Happy first Monday of the new year, Beauties….!!!   quote-Theodore Roosevelt

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Rise and Shine: Happiness is your nature!

Hi Beauties, There is more than ever to celebrate this Father’s Day, Solstice weekend because the United Nations has declared June 21 the first-ever International Day of Yoga!   Would you like to be radiantly healthy, spiritually awake & passionately engaged this … Continue reading

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The Art and Science of Engaging with Happiness: A free online course for people who want to be Happy

“Happiness is a how; not a what. A talent, not an object.”  -Herman Hesse Hello Beautiful Readers, Harvard educated psychologist and happiness expert, Dan Gilbert’s 2006 TED Talk, The surprising science of happiness, has been seen and or heard by … Continue reading

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How to Be Your Own True Love Right Now in the Middle of Everything!

Hello again Beauties, As the holidays grow closer and commitments grow greater, I invite you to give your self the gift of bliss by be-coming present to and nurturing your own True Beauty. After a life time of looking for … Continue reading

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Starting the Week Artfully: Soul Food for the Senses

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#Capturing Gratitude: Engaging with Happiness and More

Hello Lovelies, Happy Autumn and Shanah Tovah! How exciting to be entering a new season and cycle of life. I had planned on posting something entirely different, but when I received an invitation from one of my heroes, the amazing … Continue reading

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Expanding your Happiness and Engaging your Senses go Hand in Hand: Two top notch free meditations you can use right now!

  “The meaning of life is to give life meaning.”   I’ve been making a lot of lemonade out of lemons lately: my mother fell down the stairs while visiting me and somehow wasn’t seriously injured, my daughter’s father’s heart … Continue reading

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The Taste of Happiness Today

Happiness was licking a cold creamy Kula Strawberry, Maui Surfing Goat Dairy cheesecake Ono-popsicle for breakfast at the Diamond Head Famer’s Market with my sweetheart as we wove our way through tourist jams and talked story with the growers, pineapple … Continue reading

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Black Dogs, Sad Songs, Salt Water, and the Senses

Last week I wrote about Hearing- ways to engage with this sense, and touched on the effects of how and what we listen to on our health.I’m hoping some of you tried out the “Whispering Breath Practice”and would love to … Continue reading

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