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Birdsong day or night!

Aloha Chickadees,   I mentioned in my last post that I was deprived of birdsong and other pleasures while recovering this summer. Well one day during this unwanted ‘detour’, my daughter entered my bedroom and immediately stopped to hear more … Continue reading

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Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all others.

Hello again! When I came across the quote above attributed to Ciceroin the surprisingly well written,recently released book, Proof of Heaven, by the neurosurgeon, Eben Alexander, I knew it, not 21 days and counting, would be the title of my … Continue reading

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Dispatch from the City of Angels

Aloha Lovely Reader, “Like a wet washcloth, the mind takes the shape of whatever it rest upon. If you routinely rest your mind on the self-criticism, anger, or anxious rumination, your mind will take a negative shape” I am in … Continue reading

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Bunny Kisses and the Power of Touch

“Touch is a much more sophisticated system than we ever realized.It effects our health on many levels. And it doesn’t have to come from another person.” Dr. Matthew J. Hertenstein, DePauw University.

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Discernment is Key to Creating a Happier, Healthier, Life.

How and where we focus our attention can actually promote growth in core areas of the brain connected to well-being. This is why learning the art and skill of discernment is so important. What is discernment? The dictionary definition is … Continue reading

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