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Two Minutes To Bliss

Hello Lovely Reader, Our senses have had a bad rap. Instead of being recognized as unique forms of intelligence through which we understand the world and our selves, they have been treated as untrustworthy narrators or as gateway drugs that … Continue reading

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Engaging with Relaxation: Swinging on a cloud

Hello Beauty-full Readers, I hope you are having a peaceful Sunday. If you are, and especially if you aren’t, you might want to try Cloud gazing. It is one of my favorite ways to Engage, relax and reconnect. Only 2 … Continue reading

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How to Hear What You Really Need

Exploring the differences between hearing and listening, between sound and silence, and offering a few inspiring quotes, and easy practices to nurture and hone y’alls sense of hearing.   “Silence is a source of Great Strength” Lao Tzu Hearing  is often … Continue reading

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