Coming home to Presence

Health is the first wealth. – Thoreau

Health is the first wealth. – Thoreau

Hello Beautiful  Reader,

I can hardly believe Thanksgiving is over, Hanukkah has begun, and the Winter Solstice and Christmas are only weeks away.  Tara Brach’s guided meditation  “Coming Home to Presence” (13-min)  is my favorite way to relax my body and mind before sleep during this busy time of year.  It is also a perfect, super easy, ‘pick-me-up’ anytime I feel the need to relax, or recharge and return to myself!  You might want to try it instead of another cup of coffee or tea or other “energy” drink the next time you are feeling frazzled, or like you are starting to unravel. So as the days grow shorter and busier, get in the Spirit of the season by unwrapping this present of Presence and pleasure, and putting it under your own tree of Life!!🌲

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Source: Guided Meditation – “Coming Home to Presence” (13-min) – Tara Brach

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